Monday, 27 November 2006

a different perspective...

the BEnA exhibition in ICC
the Marathon practice run
my birthday dinner

I had my appraisal discussion today but maybe better not write anything about it. I guess everyone who had to go through the same rigours as we do have mixed feelings of the process. But then if you do not go through it, that's one point against you in your appraisal. Life is a circular process.
Went to the wedding of my wife's niece at the ICC yesterday. Saw Rano but he was really busy so did not manage to say hi. I was watching with interest a Canonian photographer who was taking photos of the bride at all the different and sometimes odd angles. Watching him, I don't think I have the cut to make wedding photography as my income earner.
After the wedding, dropped by at the BEnA Exhibition next door. And whilst others are taking photos of the booths, their display and the visitors, I was busy taking photos of the ceiling and making sure that the BLNG booth is in the frame.
Before that, early in the morning I joined the Gemilang photographers for a photoshoot of the final practice of the Brunei International Marathon 2006. Now I'm not sure whether I'm up to it although I think most of my photos are not that bad. I think I just have to have more practice coz to shoot the runners is one thing but to get them framed into a significant Bruneian landmark backdrop, that's another thing. And I suffer from inferiority complex when I saw who the other photographers are and their gears. Not to mention that I was the only Canonian amongst Nikonians! But then I signed up for this and I better live up to it. Thanks to my friend, Mohamad Bakar (always mistaken for my brother because we have the same surname) for providing the ride and taking me on some roads which I never knew existed before. And my, that view of the Nurul Iman Palace fom the top of the hill is breathtaking.