Thursday, 1 January 2009

Bad start? No, it's the start of new challenges.

Happy New Year 2009 to everyone from us in RIPAS Hospital. Yes we're still here and today is the 17th day of our stay.
Whilst we were here my parents and my brother and family returned safely from hajj pijgrimage on 18th December. My dad however had to be taken to the doctor that night complaining of constipation and difficulty in passing urine. Given medication, the next day it was the opposite. He cannot control passing urine and after consultation with the specialist yesterday it was confirmed that he has prostate problem and was admitted to RIPAS Hospital yesterday evening. I took his admission as a blessing in disguise. I can now take care of my dad and wife. This Saturday my dad will undergo prostate operation and my wife will be undergoing colonoscopy. I don't know what to expect but pray for both of them and whatever the result for both of them would be the challenges to the start of 2009...
And I have not been back to office since 15th December. My email must be full by this time and that's another challenge to go through later. My sincere thanks to my dept head and colleagues for doing whatever they can to fill in during my unplanned absence.
I planned to summarise my ups and downs in 2008 but this posting is already lengthy enough for me who prefer my photos to do the talking.
Thanks everyone for all you've given to my family and me throughout 2008 and wish all of you a happy and prosperous 2009 and may you achieve and fullfil all your resolutions.