Monday, 11 January 2010

By God's will

There are a lot of things we can plan in life but there are some which you may not plan for but will happen by God's will. After our enjoyable trip to Miri and Singapore my wife was severely suffering from short of breath and the swelling of her feet worsen. She had been complaining of these ailments for nearly the whole of 2009 and last Friday whilst we were in Bandar because I was supposed to attend a company dinner, we decided it was best for her to seek treatment because she could not stand the pain any longer. We spent about 6 hours in the RIPAS Hospital Accident & Emergency Department. The doctor said the swelling was due to excessive water retention and after x-ray the doctor found that she had water in her lungs and had to be admitted immediately.

The evening before that we celebrated my bro-in-law & wife's joint birthdays. They're born on the same date.

Friday morning I was stalking these two insects in my bro-in-law's garden.

The baby grasshopper which was feeding itself on a plant's leaf

From baby grasshopper

and a spider which had just caught a fly for breakfast

From spider