Saturday, 6 January 2007


Had a gathering of sorts at Emma's place today, something to do with the Brunei blogging world. Just keep watch of her blog. It was a fun gathering and let's leave it at that till you see her posting. Thanks Emma and Bobby for kindly hosting the event. And it was nice to be able to put faces to the blogging nicknames although I have to admit that I cannot remember all of them. Sorry ladies and gents. Nya urang tua-tua tagur-tagur saja kalau kejumpahan. For me, I tried to make up for yesterday's sunset photos mess. Allah is Great... and I got my satisfaction as a Sharp Shooter...
No mum, it's not an UFO, it's a real plane.
and Happy Birthday to Rano of

Sunset@Meragang Beach 2

These are some of the photos that turned out okay.
my version of the jetty
the white dots came from a plane that was on its path to the Brunei International Airport
notice the low clouds that look like buildings

the red clouds disapppeared fast and i was lucky to be able to catch it.

reach for the sky

To all of us who love to upload our photos, just be aware of what others may do to your images despite your rights, as experienced by my friend just recently here