Tuesday, 9 January 2007

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I've been watching Bald in action that day. He was on his feet, knees, belly, hands, head (I'm now exaggerating too much!) But I honestly never expected him to go this far...
He actually jumped into the swimming pool with his full suit. I'm not sure whether it's the food or other Sharp Shooters who inspired him to do that but I have a strong feeling that it has to do with Mellie.

Bloggers unite (8)

I thought I'm good at this as I'm called a Sharp Shooter. But it came out like this...Never mind... have another go, said the Producer and Art Director but what the heck??? It's even worse
OK, I give up. I'll stick to macro, nature & wildlife, architecture and landscape... and let the pro Ahim do this.

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I saw Bald between the cars and walked over to find out...
next thing I saw Bonnie & Clyde running...
so Bald was actually taking the shots. I know Bruneian was somewhere. There he is...

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Bonnie & Clyde... my version.
Well I know its supposed to be in black & white, but I prefer colourWith a bag (full of money?), Bonnie (Maurina) and Clyde (Lim Sheng Ming) ran
and ran
and ran
and ran
...and ran.
Oh come on, stop running will you. No one bother nowadays if you run with a bag and a lady coz they think you just want to kawin lari...
(That's why I prefer colour coz this is a modern translation of Bonnie & Clyde!)

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The Intellectual Debutante...
My3rdEye & Zippy
Fidbit, the photographer, Stella, the art director, and Emma, the Producer and Hostess,checking out the results
and of course My3rdEye and Zippy would also like to see the photo. (I thought Zippy was asking Fidbit "Why do I look so tiny???") Don't worry Zippy, it's those highly stacked books that had dwarfed you.

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Bulimic ready for the photoshoot... cool man, anytime.First the dry run shots...
Blackdiamond, not need so big lah you open your mouth...
ah, that's better but you're not looking at the doughnut
now, that's bagi kesian face
at last they settle for something like this
forgot to mention... the always smiling lady in white is Eleanor (didn't you notice that she was always smiling in all those photos?)

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The Yoga Bunny (Danura) adjusting her bunny ears. What happen to the tail? Well, I guess there's nowhere to hang it and nobody will notice anyway...
suddenly all cameras were on her... eh tekajut selajur bunny ah, baik jua inda kepisan
now, now, since she had stole the limelight she might as well show what she can do... first this
then this...
then relax...
whose head is in my way? must be bald.

bloggers unite (2)

that smile really can kill... but that shows how happy Miss Zippy was with Bald's photoshoot of her
hmmm... i wonder what they are doing... is Maurina really looking at the photo in Bruneian's camera or resting her head on his shoulder...
These ladies must be practicing their dance moves
The Big Friendly Giant... he could not find Sophie and his bottle of dreams... so he posed for me with a cigar and a camera
my version of Senor Pablo. well not much different from the one on Emma's blog

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one of the few things that caught my attention when i arrived at Bijou Bungalow was this plant and egg arrangement... i can only relate it to the blog "EmmaGoodEgg".