Tuesday, 9 January 2007

bloggers unite (5)

The Intellectual Debutante...
My3rdEye & Zippy
Fidbit, the photographer, Stella, the art director, and Emma, the Producer and Hostess,checking out the results
and of course My3rdEye and Zippy would also like to see the photo. (I thought Zippy was asking Fidbit "Why do I look so tiny???") Don't worry Zippy, it's those highly stacked books that had dwarfed you.


Zippy said...
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Zippy said...

Hello Husini

Great pics! I love them!

Unfortunately, when you gave me your email addy on meebo, I was experiencing problems with my connection, and I closed my browser window before jotting it down. I'd really appreciate it if you could remove that pic of me with the cig [my mother would have a hard attack if she happens to see that on a public photo site!], and if possible, email the pics with me in it to zmgreprezent@gmail.com.

Thank you. And thanks again for the lovely pics. (:

Husini said...

Zee, thanks. hopefully you've received all four emails with attachments by now.

Zippy said...

I have (:

And thanks again.