Friday, 9 May 2008

2nd Satak Outing - Part 2

When I went for the 1st outing in November I was informed that there is another species of satak in another stretch of the beach. After nearly an hour and probably tens of satak sucked out of their burrows, we found it. The only one that day. It is different: transparent shell and with claws.

The orangey thing under its belly is hundreds of eggs
After taking its photos we released it back into its burrow and hopefully all the eggs will hatch and more of these species of satak will be found in future.

2nd satak outing - Part 1 (HDR)

Went on the first satak outing in November 2007. Pictures can be found here.
Will upload satak pictures in next posting. Good advert for the mobile phone service provider.
Cleaning out the sunction pump used to suck out the satak from its burrow.