Friday, 26 March 2010

Our Johor Vacation... we met a friend and a family

After days of contemplation, I decided to buy the AirAsia tickets from Miri to Johor on Friday night 19 March for the trip next day, Saturday 20 March 2010. So happy that my leave was approved. As usual the flight was delayed by half an hour and we landed in Johor half an hour late. Sheikh Mukhtar, my wife's distant relative and his brother-in-law was at Senai airport to greet us and sent us to our hotel, The Puteri Pacific.

The next day was a two hour driving trip for a personal visit.

My wife with Sheikh Mukhtar in froint of a surau in Kg Permatang Duku, Benut, Pontian, Johor.

After lunch we went back to the hotel and since Sheikh was not able to take care of us for the remainder of our stay, he suggested Hj Aziz... and we're blessed. Not only is he a guide but for the next four days we were like a family. And we met with his other family members as well. It's amazing when I think of how our 1st visit to Johor had made us like a family to these three brothers and sister: Hj Aziz, Abang Hj Mat and Kak Zainab.

Monday was an important day because we need to find the hearing aids centre Aurabest at Jln Ngee Heng but Hj Aziz found it without a hassle and after about two hours of hearing test and trials of different models of hearing aids we decided to purchase one because we could not find a decent one in Brunei. Thanks to the really helpful staff in Aurabest.

At KFC with Aziz's children and his sister Kak Zainab and her daughter.

The next day we went to Bandar Iskandariah with Hj Aziz's brother, Abang Mat. It was raining heavily but it did not dampen our spirit.

Abg Mat explaining the development in Bandar Iskandariah. The miniature models really impressive and the actual buildings even more.

With Kak Zainab, Aziz's sister and Abg Mat, Aziz's brother.

We were also invited to lunch at Kak Zainab's house and dinner at Hj Aziz's house. The time in between eating was of course filled with shopping, my wife's favourite past time and more tasty Johor food.

At Aziz's house we were served with soto Johor.

At one of the stalls near Danga Bay. Menu for the night: rojak, taufu bakar, ikan bakar & otak-otak.

At Angsana: Mee rebus Hj Wahid, top in Johor, number 10 in Top 10 Malaysian Food.

At Larkin Central:

Hj Aziz's wife, Askiah

At the airport, with Kak Zainab

Askiah, Hj Aziz and Abg Mat

Thank you to Hj Aziz and his family for taking care of us. We look forward to your visit to Brunei and hopefully it will be soon.

And I did mention that I met a friend as well... a long lost friend, Zakir Jaafar & wife, whom I last met in 1992 when we were studying in Keele University, UK. It was really a surprise to see someone familiar in the hotel restaurant on my first day in Johor. So surprise that I even forgotten to take any photos. Together with his wife, they manage the 1901. Keep in touch Zakir. We're both on Facebook and Twitter.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

slow but steady

The progress was slow but it certainly felt good to see the difference every week or other week, depending on when I am able to visit the place.

Some photos taken on 6th March 2010 (click on any of the photos if you want to see more)

From Lot Padi Sengkuang, Labi | 6 March 2010

From Lot Padi Sengkuang, Labi | 6 March 2010

These were taken on 13th March 2010:

With the water catchment dug but not filled with water yet

From Lot Padi Sengkuang, Labi | 13 March 2010

the drains on the east side

From Lot Padi Sengkuang, Labi | 13 March 2010

the drains on the west side, some parts filled with water:

From Lot Padi Sengkuang, Labi | 13 March 2010

some part dry and it look like war trenches

From Lot Padi Sengkuang, Labi | 13 March 2010

the north side near the access road which we made deeper and waiting for water supply from the main stream

From Lot Padi Sengkuang, Labi | 13 March 2010

and the south side which is a good fishing spot when its dried up

From Lot Padi Sengkuang, Labi | 13 March 2010

Next will be the hut, inlet and outlet drainage and the bund walls around each field.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Toyota Echo - For Sale (UPDATE - SOLD!)

Toyota Echo 5 Drs Auto
Colour: Silver metallic
Petrol 4 cylinder
Registered 5th February 2001
Road tax valid until 31 Jan 2011
Insurance valid until 4 Feb 2011
Price: B$7,000.00
Can be viewed at No. 2, Spg. 106-27-9,
RPN Kg Pandan 7, Kuala Belait.
Contact: 8731136 (Husini) 8851136 (Hemi)

Monday, 1 March 2010

Nearly full

Taken the night before so its not really full moon. Last night I was so tired from my Labi trip that I cannot even lift my arms... dehydrated to the max.