Sunday, 21 January 2007

The Museums

1st time I've seen the two musuems from the river. The one on top of the Hill is the National Museum (see write-up by Metallichick here) and the one with the red roof near the river is the MalayTechnology Museum (see write up and photos by Bruneian here) The building with the green roof is an exhibit of a navy ship, which sad to say, is visibly not well maintained. If we're going for Visit Brunei 2008, maybe this is one place (amongst a lot more) that needs sprucing up.

a house with many colours

This house is a blend of different colours on different sidesdark and light blue wall on its leftlight blue fence, black and gold coloured grills and yellowish railings in front
and pink, blue and green walls on the right. Don't forget the white and blue roof as well.

Work in progress

According to our guide, they start by hand digging into the river bed, then concrete the foundation before erecting the steel/iron rods. Using a big plastic tube (pvc?) as the casing, they then pour concrete into the casing.

Merambat... the sequence

It looked so easy for someone who had mastered the skill.