Friday, 30 July 2010

Saturday, 24 July 2010

. Agah Permadi in Brunei .

Good news to all photo-enthusiasts!!!. CandidSYNDROME Brunei is pleased to present you the “ASAH MATA” photographic workshop. This time around we will bring to you exclusively from Indonesia, “Agah Permadi”.

Agah Permadi is one of the Gurus in digital photography. Having vast knowledge on photography and digital technology, he is capable of exerting such skills in producing stunning images worth thousands of dollars and has been sold successfully to International companies.

Do not miss this opportunity to learn the digital post-process (Photoshop) from him; a nice and humble man who do not rely on expensive cameras or fancy gimmicks to produce superb quality images.

This workshop will kick off once we managed to get the minimum numbers of 20 participants. So, let this workshop be your investment to gain a priceless knowledge. Don’t forget to bring along your friends too!!!

The fees per person is charged at $380 for public (inclusive of refreshments & outing as indicated in the programme). However, for students and those who participated during the 1st. Asah Mata Workshop last March 2010, is entitled to enjoy up to 20% discount. A deposit of $150 per participant is required in-order to secure your seats.

Make your reservation NOW!, and contact :

Amir Ahmad on + 673 8750300;
Mubarak Mashor on +673 8849823;
Fadi Sulaiman on +673 8893720


DAY 1: 06 AUGUST 2010 (FRIDAY)



Hunting Photo To Ray Location (ROL Hunting)

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Majlis Ramah Mesra Daerah Belait

The Royal Dais in HDR

The performance tent in HDR

HM The Sultan

and other Royal family members

The choir

The happy faces

His Majesty watching the tug-of-war

His Majesty before presenting prizes to the winners of the tug-of-war competition

The choir performers greeting His Majesty & the other royalties

The choir continued in the background

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For photos taken during the parade in Taman SOAS on 15 July 2010 click HERE


Saturday, 10 July 2010

Merimbun Outing

Went with the BSRC Photogs on an outing to Tasik Merimbun on 3rd July 2010, with special invite to Bob Shahrul aka Bob IR. For his IR version of some Tasik Merimbun sceneries, click HERE.

My take:

Some basic HDR

From Tasik Merimbun in HDR | 3 July 2010

From Tasik Merimbun in HDR | 3 July 2010

From Tasik Merimbun in HDR | 3 July 2010

for more HDR photos click HERE

and of course some macro:

From Tasik Merimbun | 3 July 2010

From Tasik Merimbun | 3 July 2010

From Tasik Merimbun | 3 July 2010

From Tasik Merimbun | 3 July 2010

From Tasik Merimbun | 3 July 2010

and a sleepy snake

From Tasik Merimbun | 3 July 2010

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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Incision or surgery? It's done anyway.

Had a minor surgery or what the doctor called incision to remove cyst below my right eye on Saturday 26 June 2010.

It's inside that black dot under my right eye:

I was a bit nervous whilst waiting outside the operations theatre and tried to calm myself by taking my self portrait:

I was even more nervous when I was in the operation theatre itself watching the nurses going through their routine - scrubbing their hands and laying out the surgical apparatus. When the doctor arrived and started adjusting his seat and the operating bed/table I was lying on, I regained my confidence and when the doctor made what he called "a small injection" below my eye it was all history. When the procedure was completed, I tried to take some photos of the cyst which was the size of a rice grain with my mobile phone but to my horror I found that I was not able to do it with one eye patched up. This blurry photo is the best I have:

I did not realise how I looked with the eye patched up until I got into my car and took another self portrait. It's a white patch so as my sister said, I am a good pirate. I then also realised that I could not driver safely with limited vision of one eye only and had to call my son to get my home.

This was how it looked when I took off the patch the next day:

A close up view:

Had a follow-up appointment with the eye doctor this afternoon and happy to hear that the surgery wound is healing nicely. Alhamdulillah. Still waiting for result of the lab analysis on the cyst - any concern the nurse will give me a call. No call means all clear. And this is how it looked today after 5 days:

Oh one consolation remark from my lovely wife: "It's nothing compared to her caesarian operation when our youngest son was born in 1993." No way I can dispute that.