Thursday, 1 July 2010

Incision or surgery? It's done anyway.

Had a minor surgery or what the doctor called incision to remove cyst below my right eye on Saturday 26 June 2010.

It's inside that black dot under my right eye:

I was a bit nervous whilst waiting outside the operations theatre and tried to calm myself by taking my self portrait:

I was even more nervous when I was in the operation theatre itself watching the nurses going through their routine - scrubbing their hands and laying out the surgical apparatus. When the doctor arrived and started adjusting his seat and the operating bed/table I was lying on, I regained my confidence and when the doctor made what he called "a small injection" below my eye it was all history. When the procedure was completed, I tried to take some photos of the cyst which was the size of a rice grain with my mobile phone but to my horror I found that I was not able to do it with one eye patched up. This blurry photo is the best I have:

I did not realise how I looked with the eye patched up until I got into my car and took another self portrait. It's a white patch so as my sister said, I am a good pirate. I then also realised that I could not driver safely with limited vision of one eye only and had to call my son to get my home.

This was how it looked when I took off the patch the next day:

A close up view:

Had a follow-up appointment with the eye doctor this afternoon and happy to hear that the surgery wound is healing nicely. Alhamdulillah. Still waiting for result of the lab analysis on the cyst - any concern the nurse will give me a call. No call means all clear. And this is how it looked today after 5 days:

Oh one consolation remark from my lovely wife: "It's nothing compared to her caesarian operation when our youngest son was born in 1993." No way I can dispute that.

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