Tuesday, 9 January 2007

Bloggers unite (8)

I thought I'm good at this as I'm called a Sharp Shooter. But it came out like this...Never mind... have another go, said the Producer and Art Director but what the heck??? It's even worse
OK, I give up. I'll stick to macro, nature & wildlife, architecture and landscape... and let the pro Ahim do this.


UcingItam said...

ni yang kan ku balajar ni, taking shots of movement in low lights

Husini said...

ucingitam, to learn to get a perfect shot get in touch with the pro, ahim. lau kan blajar the imperfect style like mine, antam saja tia manual settingnya atu. the more i look at the photos that i've got, the more i like the multiple images in a single photo. it actually shows the movement. (ani kira masuk bakul angkat sendirilah hahaha)