Tuesday, 9 January 2007

bloggers unite (4)

Bulimic ready for the photoshoot... cool man, anytime.First the dry run shots...
Blackdiamond, not need so big lah you open your mouth...
ah, that's better but you're not looking at the doughnut
now, that's bagi kesian face
at last they settle for something like this
forgot to mention... the always smiling lady in white is Eleanor (didn't you notice that she was always smiling in all those photos?)


blackdiamonds said...

Nice :) Could I get copies of the 4 photos with me in them? You can leave your watermark on them so I can do a bit of promo for your skills - tinalim.tina@gmail.com


Husini said...

Tina, hope you've received all 4 photos safely.