Saturday, 25 November 2006

a year on..

I tried uploading two photos today but with no success. Maybe I'll try writing then. If it get posted, then I'm in luck.
Busy day today... went to the bank to pay my car loan. surprise surprise, long queue. why? i don't know but it seems to be a trend every saturday in seria/kb. maybe it coz some of us don't work on saturday.
Afternoon went to the Royal Berkshire Ballroom, Jerudong Polo Club for the Media Appreciation 2006. First time to this event and "meet" the media people. Well i say meet coz only talk to a few of them. I thought media people are kepoh type who will ask question the moment they meet people. obviouly i'm wrong coz mayb they only go kepoh if there's anything sensational going on. but those flashes are for real coz it blurred my eyes for a while when we took the group photo. now i understand why people look at me with annoyance when i took their photos with my camera flash on.
Tomorrow busy day as well. so decided to treat my family at RBC Restaurant in the airport this evening. the place has just been renovated and my my, its full of people. we got the last seats available. the food was good but didn't take any photos of the food. why you wonder i treat my family to dinner. as if i don't do that every weekend. well this one is special coz tomorrow is my birthday.
and as i said tomorrow is going to be a busy day. 7 a.m. will be meeting the other photographers in front of the royal regalia building in bandar for a "dry run" of the coming marathon. I've registered myself both as a "6 km fun runner" and an "official photographer". Hope I can cope.
11.30 a.m. will be attending a wedding at the ICC. then i'm planning to visit the BEnA exhibition at ICC as well. as usual most probably will be back home around 10 p.m.
well, enjoy your weekend everyone. hopefully its a peaceful one.


puzian said...

Happy Birthday...

Bibiran said...

happy birthday mate! all the best always ;)

GMe said...

Happy Birthday Husini.... wish you all the best.

GMe said...

Happy Birthday Husini.... wish you all the best.

Husini said...

puzian, marul n gme, thanks for the well wishes.