Monday, 25 December 2006

family bonding

Not been updating my photoblog during the long weekend as me and family and extended families (parents, my brother and sisters & their families included) were in Miri for a family away day which we had planned for quite a while. We stayed at the Marriott (photo above of the hotel's pool at night taken handheld)
Went to visit the Petronas Petroleum Museum on top of Canada Hill which is next to Kampung Haji Wahid, the place where I lived with my parents until I was six, and
before driving home, we visited this park. Wish we have the same thing in Brunei.


aunidayini said...

I used to spend my hols in Miri when I was a teenager at my grand aunt house..I am tempted to go and am not sure about the safety of the place, what with all those discouraging news. Just want to know, if we stay at Marriot,how safe is it?

Husini said...

so far alhamdulillah it's ok. marriott now has a system in place where you'll be given a pass to park you car and you have to return the pass before you can take out your car from the parking area. when we were there, the place was practically full of bruneians that you feel you're no longer on holiday.