Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Bloggers unite (10)

I like this fish tank in Emma's place. But that's not the real reason I've posted this photo. It's more a self potrait and I think it really captures what Emma had wrote about me "His quiet way with pictures reflects a heart of gold and a gentle soul."Or maybe it captures the word "reflects" only. Perasan banar kediaku ah. I know I missed greeting a few people that day and missed some of the photo sessions as well. I look forward to the next gathering and the photo outings. This HDR thing is sticking in my head and I have not even started yet... HDR, Photomatix, Bracket Shots, blablabla... Help! I'm struck by the HDR virus.


Danura said...

this really looks like you're in the aquarium with the fishies..hehe.. i love the pics you took of the bunny. ahem.. and of course of the others! and the funny quotes that go with it. I look forward to more of your shots!
Danura. and email

Husini said...

thanks. i enjoyed the result of my work as much as i enjoyed taking them. i'll send you some of your photos but malu eh kalau compare sama the others (this is inferiority complex!).

blackdiamonds said...

interesting self portrait. next one to try is in the mirror in a dark room without the flash?