Sunday, 7 January 2007

Rano's Birthday

Rano can only raise a smile...he was lost for words as this was a surprise for him by the bloggers (Emma's idea, I believe)
one of the Sharp Shooter is ready but to avoid being identified by Rano, has to put on a disguise haha
with the cake

Done! Happy Birthday Rano. You have 9 more years to start your life (Life starts at 40!)


Vixennova said...

oh I missed ur name & link in my plug.. I thank Nora for mentioning u. Cheers.. see u around.

Husini said...

Vixennove, thanks n c u around as well.

Pablo said...

Hahaaa.a. Great pics espy the pink hair sharpshooter!
Do you have any plans for Sunday 21st Jan... I'm thinking of going down to KB to do photo outing and would like U to hang out with me. Just let me know.

Husini said...

Pablo, so far no plans for Sunday 21st. Drop me an email at n i'll give u my contact number.

Rano said...

hey thanks posting the pics, dude :) Can you email me to my :)

eyan said...

i love that pink wig! hehehehe