Friday, 17 August 2007

Blue-eyed friend

Let me introduce you to my blue-eyed friend who can be found in my garden and in this case on the steps of my front door. I did not realise it had blue eyes until I took these photos.


Aunidayini said...

For a biologist like me this toad can be considered as GORGEOUS. Well done and thanks for sharing...never seen like this before in my whole life, kalau lecturer UBD tau, sudah tia kana jaruk dlm botol!

KantaLensa said...

i think this toad is albino. adakah katak albino?

Aunidayini said...

It is an albino.In fact semua higher animals species, one or two mesti ada albino, its due to gene mutation in their chromosomes controlling melanin production. This is really a RARE catch because the chance of any organism existing as albino is very low.