Thursday, 18 October 2007

Safely home

Greeted on arrival with thunderstorm and heavy rain. Unfortunately did not capture any photo of the lightning. View from my room.
Bottled water verified by Dr Who?
View of Sentosa Island from Vivo City.
Brilliant colours. It brightened up the day even though it was raining.
Whilst waiting in the airport.
That's the plane we were waiting for. (Photo in HDR) Well it's there, it's just that it's not moving until it's fixed. The pilot told us it was something to do with the emergency door. Well, to be honest, I didn't actually paid much attention to the announcement. I was just happy that we were on our way home. The 1.40 pm flight at last took off at 6.30 pm and landed in Brunei at 8.10 pm.


Danura said...


so it WAS you who i thought i saw at the airport. I wasnt sure and didnt want to make a fool of myself ( which i often do haha)

Yeah the delayed flight was a bum. Makan saja pulang di airport.

Next time i say HI for sure..
Selamat hari raya :

KantaLensa said...

Danura, were u the one with the boy and girl and when your hubby was sitting next to me the boy said "inda mau duduk sana". I thought it was u as well coz I keep thinking the boy and girl looked familiar (and so does your hubby). I kept thinking of moving seat so that u all can sit together. Well, takut salah urang bah iatah didn't say hi. Selamat hari raya.

Danura said...

Yup that was us :)