Saturday, 24 November 2007

Arabian Nite : MD Departmental Emblem 2007

Friday was a busy day. Spent the day helping out with the final arrangement. The evening was a memorable one, with the Arabian theme. Even the MD was dressed up in an Arabian costume, as were most of the guests. Congrats to the Organising Committee for a job well done.Shisha
The emblem recipients.
The Chairman of the Organising Committee giving his welcoming speech.
The MD delivering his speech.
The musical team... Rimba El-Saeid Group
Bro D'Tripod had a really good evening (just look at his wide smile!)
The guests trying out belly dancing.Bin Khaled of Arab-Families - Catering Manager, Entertainment Manager, Shisha provider, etc., etc..
In the morning I saw this brief visitor who came in, posed for my camera and then left in a hurry. It was slow on the carpet but very swift on the grass. (Which reminds me of the Sukang trip - the need to ensure the car has the correct tyres for the terrain and enough engine power)


Senor Pablo said...

Wow! congrats on the Arabian Nite. Looks like a great cultural experience I must say. The settings are faboulous, good location and ambience. It is good to see us embracing and learing about other cultures as well. I see Arabfamilies participating as well..Thumbs up!
BTW bro.. no pics of food??

KantaLensa said...

Bro Pablo, thanks for keeping up with my site. Unfortunately no photos of the food. Looking forward to see u during your break in Brunei.