Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Walk down memory lane... (updated with photos)

Had a busy weekend. Saturday night, I was covering the BSRC Berhari Raya event at the invitation of the BSRC President, Hj Idris, with the help of my son Zul273 and BB. (I was the BSRC President in 1999)
BSRC President
Budding artist trying to produce Hari Raya cards... hilarious
the winners (by a few kilometres?)
The Bruneian artists... we should really be proud of them
The fireworks

Sunday was an adventure day. I went with a combination of a group of 4X4 enthusiasts and 4X4 Professionals to Sukang. What started as an easy journey into Sukang, turned into an exciting and challenging home journey due to the heavy rain. Whilst the journey in only took less than 3 hours, the journey home took about 8 hours for some of the team members.
(I used to teach in Melilas in 1984-5 and Sukang was our transit point and all our journeys was by boat at that time. This was my first return to Sukang since Dec 1985!)
The 4X4 pros from KB
The 4X4 enthusiasts
it's raining, it's falling... very heavily
that's not really difficult, but wet
now we're talking! (only the start of more challenges ahead)


Aku said...

boss next time kalau ada offroading session do let me know ah.....wanna see my baby can take it or not hehehehehhe.....

you guys using offroad tyres kah?

gaffa said...
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gaffa said...

no most of us were on road tyres! you should join us next time in your touareg man. i'm already surfing for a new suspension kit and mud tyres.

KantaLensa said...

they were trying to see whether highway tyres can be dual purpose as well. I'll keep u informed if any trip lagi but we bring along the KB 4X4 team.

Jewelle said...

I joined a camping trip to Sukang (all the way to Ingai) in 2000 (?) during pre-blogging and pre-digital camera days using boats on shallow water (you know what THAT means).

How fun it would be to see the place again now when we could take more pictures for rememberance and blogging, ha!

KantaLensa said...

yes it feels good altho i would really like to go back to visit melilas. I was told that the old melilas school where i was teaching was already demolished. We love "floods" at that time coz it means only 2 hrs by boat to melilas compared to 6-7 hrs during low water.