Monday, 3 December 2007

Gemilang Sunday

Attended the Persatuan Gemilang Daerah Tutong meeting at the Dewan Muzakarah, Pejabat Daerah Tutong in the morning.Bro Puzian was also there.

Adi Putera, a wellknown Bruneian photographer who achieved recognition from the International Society of Photographers
Pg. Hj. Abas, the newly elected leader for Gemilang
Adi Putera explaining the newly proposed Gemilang logo.


I however had to leave early for another function in the Atrium, Empire Hotel and Country Club. It's the farewell lunch for Moon Hussain hosted by the Marketing Department, BLNG.

Mohamad Damit, the General Manager, Marketing giving his farewell speech.

Moon and family admiring the farewell gift.
Moon responding with his own words.
Family photo for the album (without yours truly)
with yours truly (taken by zul273)

This was later followed by bowling.
Bon voyage to Moon who will be leaving Brunei for Doha, Qatar in mid-December.

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