Sunday, 4 May 2008

Labi Trip - Part 1 (in HDR)

Went with the DRM Scooterz to Labi on Saturday 3 May 2008. For the KB group we met at OGDC and met up with the Bandar guys in Sungai Liang.
After breakfast, the first stop was at Luagan Lalak. A very beautiful scenery but it is closed for an indefinite period until the whole place is in good order.

The next stop was the parking area of Wasai Kadir a.k.a known as Wong Kadir Waterfall.

We drove all the way to the Teraja Longhouse, back to Labi town for lunch, drove all the way to Sungai Liang Recreation Park. Did I say drove? Yes, I was in the sweeper car driven by Renny. From the Park, the group then went their separate way back to KB and Bandar. Will I ever drive a scooter? Well maybe, you never know. Thanks to the group for inviting me.

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