Thursday, 11 December 2008

Work Life Balance?

We now know a bit more of what is happening to my wife. She has an infected liver and will have CTScan in RIPAS on Monday. Further treatment will then depend on the outcome of the scan. She's still having the violent trembling every night. Her temperature and glucose level are still unstable.

On another note, my parents, brother and his family had completed the hajj rituals. Semoga beroleh haji yang mabrur and we look forward to welcoming you all back in Brunei on the 18th. It is still not certain up to today whether I'll be in Brunei that day as I may be required elsewhere from 17-20th December. I hope my wife will be better then, otherwise it will again be a battle between work and personal life.

I've been tagged by RDC"; BaBy-R to post 10 random facts about myself. Here they are in no order of preference of course:

1. I'm a lawyer (graduated at 33) who loves photography.
2. Moved house 18 times since I was born and grew up in 2 squatter areas in Seria/KB.
3. Received my 1st scholarship when I was only 11 years old to study in Singapore.
4. Started smoking at 13 and used to smoke 3 packs a day before I quit in 1994.
5. Loved football and played in all positions before my archilles tendon ruptured in 2002.
6. Can be stubborn and easily lose my temper if provoked.
7. A qualified teacher at 18 and taught English in Govt. Primary Schools (Seria, Melilas and Labi) from 1981-1986.
8. I love cars and because I cannot afford to buy the real one, I have a collection of replicas greeting anyone who enters my house.
9. Mee mamak is my favourite dish and jackfruit and tarap my favourite fruits.
10. Love to be the 1st in office and always try to be the last to go home (but my boss always goes home later than me!)

There are still a lot of other interesting facts about myself but lets keep them at 10. And no, I'm not going to tag anyone.


puzian said...

Semoga wife kita lakas semboh bro... amin ya Allah...

KantaLensa said...

Amin 3X

Senor Pablo said...

Thank you for sharing the random facts. It showed how much effort you have put in your life to be that someone who you really are today..Facts 1,2,3,7 and 10.