Saturday, 14 February 2009

Teach someone you love to blog

I was tagged by Gembo "To teach someone you love to blog". Tough one to fulfill because my beloved wife is not really a computer friendly person. She only use the computer to write up her school work and nothing more. From time to time our sons and me assisted her with formatting and printing. That's how basic her computer knowledge is, so I won't even attempt to teach her to blog.

Since I have been tagged, I'll try to answer the questions below:

Step 1: You're never alone with a blog. Tell your readers why you love them, and why they should love you.

When I started my blog it was obviously as a photoblog, and I try to keep it that way until today. With the intention of sharing my photos of things and happenings around me, I love my readers for their feedback and comments (good or bad). I am not a pro photographer, so I do not expect my readers to treat or expect my photos to be of that standard.

Step 2: Teach someone you love to blog (or micro-blog!).

My youngest son is into photography as well and I encouraged him to blog his photos. Unfortunately he is now busy with other things, including studies and his BLOG has now not been updated for quite a while. He had however joined forces with his cousins with their BLOG. I salute people, especially the younger generation for their creativity in blogging. There are now just to many blogs in Brunei alone to keep up with.

Step 3: Link to their first blog post, and encourage readers to visit them.

Have a look at his first BLOG although I cannot give any guarantee whether he will revive it in the near future.

Step 4: Tag your blogging friends to take part in this activity.

As usual, with other tags before this, I will not tag anyone. (I know I am a spoilsport in tagging but I hope my readers will still love my photography) If any of my readers feel like continuing the tag, please do so at your own time.

Happy weekend everyone and drive safely. Tell a Friend.


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