Friday, 26 June 2009

Between the trees

Saw the moon between the trees whilst waiting for my wife. Taken handheld.


Out Of Focus said...

What's your wife doing in the dark in the jungle? Hehehe!!!

Jokes aside, great shot man and its even hand held.

KantaLensa said...

Hahaha. Thanks man.

PainQler said...

Great shots bro!
Between the trees is one that catches my attention.

What are bro doing in the jungle actually..

Bro jadi Tarzan nunggu wife bro c jane?

Aisyeman Ramlee..
Romantic nye..

KantaLensa said...

i was actually mencangkung, kan pangsai hahaha. indalah, just joking. my wife cSherry was visiting a friend skajap and me malas kan turun dari kerita. whilst waiting, i saw the moon and that's it... too far to reach kalau pakai tangan, so try to reach it using my 50D.

Romantic? Inda bro tau kan yg me ani andang romantik hahaha inda caya? ask my wife.

PainQler said...


A Question?
Mrs Sherry.. How wonderful is your loving husband? Is it true like hearing the song Tears in Heaven?