Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Merimbun Sunset

Went to Merimbun with Bro Choy, JanShim and Gavin G to capture the sunset...

Thanks to Bro Choy for the lift and the good lesson on the way home about changing gear without pressing the clutch pedal.


Out Of Focus said...

This sir is absolutely beautiful...

KantaLensa said...

Thanks bro OOF.

PainQler said...

So how's the trip there?

Btw the small island not so great kn bro..
Nothing to look out for except being rip off for the B$1. to get across..

Emm.. Indah khabar dari rupa..

From what i've heard, previously there was a excavation & discovery there. That tiny island was full of treasure from china..bla..bla..

I've visit the small museum displaying stories infact a real tales about the island..

The museum was located somewhere going to tasek merimbun..
Just after a hill..[hehe]

KantaLensa said...

hahaha i think it depends on what u want to see on and/or from the island. For me it was the macro of the bees/kelulut, the nibong tree, the pokok gajus, urang mengail, the grass, the sunset view, etc.

I've not been to the museum though.