Friday, 12 June 2009

My Neighbour's house - HDR


PainQler said...

What kinds of clouds is this? stupendulous!!

Is this clouds been taken today?
I've seen this amazing clouds just a few hours, so i pack my gear & go hunting for sunset's photo..

Coz, it would look spectacular, when the sun is setting..

I'm looking at my sunset photo, but i haven't finished tweaking some..

So catch on it at my blog sometimes...

We've captured the Same clouds, different compose..

KantaLensa said...

me got something to do yesterday, so not able to go out to find better setting for the clouds but my neighbourhood actually also provides very nice setting.
the clouds just make perfect HDR opportunity and for this one I did not tweak it to the max to make it look like a painting. It will turn the clouds black and doesn't really represent the bright cheerful sky.

PainQler said...

Nice eventually..
Really liking the idea you've got..

KantaLensa said...

Thanks bro.