Thursday, 16 July 2009

Red sun

Taken this afternoon at around 4.20 pm.


Jewelle said...

I was told it was like the "end of the world" down at KB - now I know what they meant. Wonder where the fire was at.

PainQler said...

I'd notice the weather in a different mood today..

A school of haze clowning around KB untill Lumut area..Seria bypass to lumut the haze have touchdown!! It's big & errie like scenery..

Visibility was limited to only a few distant, thus driving that long stretch road seems endless towards my destination..

This pics taken was dramatic & is at its best fury..

Which did recall me to your previous pics where a red light up onthe dark sky that day..
Is it the end of the world?
Where do we stand?

The world has gone mad!
& it about to burst!!!..

P/s: Don't forget to pray & do good deeds thou..