Sunday, 5 July 2009

Sungai Matan Outing (1)

Our meeting place, the recently opened Tarindak Restaurant next to the Handicraft Centre, Jalan Subok

The jetty at Sungai Matan where we boarded the tour boat

I saw this rainbow when I was actually trying to capture the different shades of the clouds and green

A white bellied eagle?

Trying silhouette on the move

Does this look like an eagle? I had to take this bending backwards as it flew above and over my head

The Handicraft Centre with the moon in the sky

...and we ended the ouitng with dinner at Tarindak Restaurant. Excellent ambiance and good food.

1 comment:

PainQler said...

The sungai Matan outings really look interesting.

Loving your shot..
The Eagle way up high, spreading it's wing is a pure majestic shot.

The silhouette on the move - awesome.[Loving this one]
Nice compose bro..

That shot was living up to the bill, taken from ur 50d..

p/s:Bh handed dwn then to PQ...