Sunday, 18 October 2009

Less is better?

Just want to share photos from events I attended this week...

Attended the Empire Hotel Hari Raya Open House last Tuesday in their new Grand Hall. Only brought along my Lumix LX3 and did not take a lot of photos. The ambience was splendid and a lot of food to choose from.

For more photos click HERE

And last night GavinGoh, Gembo and myself were invited by JanShim for an outing at the Chung Ching 71st School Anniversary Dinner. I think I took too many photos (aimlessly!) and decided to post these few only.


Jewelle said...

Less is definitely NOT better. We want more. Please.

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Ali said...

I think I took too many photos (aimlessly!) and decided to post these few only.

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