Saturday, 12 December 2009

Macro - lite testing

To Bro PainQler, thanks for the words of encouragement. Here's some photos that I captured during the trial of the macro lite.


PainQler said...

The snail;

I come across that kind of snail at my own backyard & u've posted it just enough for my eyes to view it upclose. Fantastic!

The Fly;

An insect, i would normally shoo this away or spray it to kill. but i stop here admiring it's beauty for the first time.


I'm not a flower person, never did.
But i'm very interested at the last one posted, what kind of flower is it? It resemble living organics in the coral...

Surely this was taken at your garden at night testing the capabilities to your macro lite.

A good Test, i'm pretty sure you've invested & paid dividens.

KantaLensa said...

Bro PainQler, all the photos were taken in morning daylight (around 7). With the macto-lite I can use f/32, speed 1/90 at ISO400 whilst for the tiny fly and wild fruit the speed was at 1/125. Still need to learn how to control the lighting power. The beauty when using the macro-lite is most of the background was automatically darkened (most probably by the shallow depth of field).

PM said...

Nice macro shots bro, water looks real. Your new toy really works wonder...

KantaLensa said...

PM, thanks. U can give it a try and with your macro, you'll get hooked as well.