Monday, 25 January 2010

Beautiful Sunday

Sunday 24th January must be one of my happiest day this year. My wife looked well, had lunch at Zaika, went to Labi to visit our future padi field, visited my parents and discovered new insects in my parent's garden.

At about 4 this morning, I however was woken up by my wife asking for sweets and I thought she was having a dream but when I touched her hand it was cold and when I woke up I saw she was drenched in sweat. It's a sign I get familiar with for the last one year... her sugar level had dropped drastically and she need sugar. Woke up, looked for sweets, made her 2 cups of milo and some sweet biscuits. After that she gained a bit of strength but could not get up and she continued her sleep. It was only hours later that she was able to wake and get up and bought her to the KB Hospital but nothing more can be done. I hope she gets better each day but will and had always expected his sort of drawbacks from time to time. I am lucky to have families, friends and colleagues who understand our situation but pity her because amongst most of her friends who understand her plight there exist some who do not and sarcasm becomes 2nd nature to them. May Allah bless us all.


PainQler said...

I would certainly & love to join in again for your next outings.
Don't go all alone.

It's been great to witness & captured this by you.
Certainly would be great if you could spare me a time outings with the King Macro..

Speedy recovery to your beloved wife.
Sure miss my mom in Singapore too~. it's been 2mths not seeing her.. She recuperating at the Singapore General Hoapital.. Hmm~ reading your journal, i know how it feels..

PainQler said...
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KantaLensa said...

Bro PainQler, I pray for your mother's speedy recovery.

Sorry inda bawa macro outing. It was simply spontaneous. Most times I have my full camera set with me and when opportunity strikes, it's clicking time.

PainQler said...

Then click or angkut,hijak ku dari rumah while you think of a quick outings...

certainly love your company...