Saturday, 9 December 2006

Pantai Restaurant, Empire Hotel - simply delicious

I didn't have lunch that day coz so nervous with my work. I was also a bit nervous as the MC before the dinner. But when I've done my duty, and it was time for dinner I decided to be selective as there was just too many choices. So I started with bread and butter...

Then on one big plate I mixed a portion of everything starting with "green rice"
grilled prawn (yummy but the prawn not really fresh!)
grilled beef
lamb chop (there goes my diet and weight watch, not forgetting cholestrol watch)
grilled salmon (well, how can you give this a miss?)
ah the drumstick. After all that I went for a small (I mean really small) portion of dessert
mango whatever (I forgot the name!) but this is really too sweet for my taste buds
and so was this one when you add the syrup and coconut milk.
Since we have the Board Meeting every quarter, only once we didn't have dinner in Pantai for 2006. I have always enjoyed the food and look forward to four more dinners in 2007.


puzian said...

time lapar pun sampat mengambar...

Husini said...

hahaha yatah my bos pun menagurkan. katanya "jangan lupa makan"