Sunday, 31 May 2009

E1 Outing

From E1 Outing


PainQler said...

I didn't had a glimpse of the sunset today..
But i know where to find one..

A splendid scenery captured..
In true natural colors..
The natural sunsets is best viewed to the eyes rather than the hdr version..
The Hdr ver somehow fake, but this sunset captured by bro is amazingly beautiful..

The crab natural habits is to hide & shy away. Most amazingly its crystal clear, eventhou being layer by the water surface..

After the sunset, comes the moon..
the moon in full throttle..

E1 outings pics is worth viewing..

Lensa Peristiwa said...

I like the hermit crab unique

PainQler said...

An added pics of the moon..
Splendid work!!

How did you manage to captured the moon?

Nice to meet you today bro..