Tuesday, 26 May 2009

The sinking feeling

The doctor told me that my headache may be caused by STRESS... (but I'm in a state of self-denial!)


PainQler said...

Aaah making my day..
Another sunset posted..
Scenery of sunset is my favourite..

No matter how it is being captured.. Sunsets pics does give me the sinking feeling..

P/s: Relax sja Tuan..
All the work & no fun makes
a person dull..

So how about 0ne on one outings.. sure lots of stuff to discuss about.. Jgn lupa bwa bata kopi..

KantaLensa said...

Actually me inda berapa pandai mengambar sunset ani Bro. Even this one I am disappointed with myself because I did not get the sun as a perfect orange circle with a red background... masih jua "pacah" talurnya atu bah.

1-0n-1 Bro? Bah bila u free? I want to learn ngambar air slow shutter atu tapi kalau ke Labi jauh tu Bro. Rah breakwater di KB sja kali.

31 Mei kami outing ke Tentera Udara for the ABDB celebration. Kami tarus ke sana saja.

Anonymous said...

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